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I am officially no longer a resident of Shanty Town.  Which means I will no longer have to deal with certain folks who are proud in the possible thought that they rule said town. (I seriously do no get that woman) I am now the proud resident of my own cubicle. Wow, cooperate America. I have to fancy dress and everything now(SUPER STOKED ABOUT THIS ONE!!!one1!, let me tell you) I’ve been up here since about 10:30 this morning.  Moving was pretty funny. It was like this, I’ll make you a little time line:



10:11 : Shipping guy asks me if I’m ready to move yet.  I told him I didn’t know if the other lady was out yet. He told me he would find out.


10:15: Shipping guy informs me that she is gone and helps me find some boxes to start putting my shit in.


10:16: I text Edd to tell him I’m ready to move.


10:16:30: Edd and Nick show up from tech to help move my stuff.  Also two shipping crew members come over to get my cabinet. 


10:18: All my stuff is upstairs.


10:19: Everything is hooked up and ready to go.


10:20: Mark (yet a third tech guy) comes by to see if I need anything.


So for this place that is super fast moving.  I think it is kind of cool that so many rushed to help me. That means that people like me here(maybe even a little respect is shown as well), most get ignored if they have to move somewhere or need general help.  I don’t know if I love it up here yet, but I am away from walrus.  The techys helped me set my cube up so that their was minimal screen viewage from passerbys.  So the spot that my cube has designated for my screen is not being used, a little trying on the wrist, but I will give up comfort if it means that I have that many more seconds of warning for people walking up on me.  OHHH, and one more FUCK YOU mary gray, for thinking you own shanty town and telling me not to have visitors and shit! I can now throw a cube party if I want to now.  I wonder if I could convince everyone to throw me a cube warming party… That would be awesome!



LOL!! That is super fast moving time!
Can I come to the cube warming party? :P